DeBouno & Associates, LLC - Environmental Science Specialists
Environmental Project Services
The company is experienced in a wide variety of environmental projects for a variety of clients. The following is a partial list of environmental projects performed;
  1.  Expert Witness - municipal, bankruptcy and superior courts
  2. Wetland Projects - multi-parameter approach using soils, plants, and hydrology
  3. Wetlands Presence/Absence
  4. Wetland Special Projects - Parks
  5. Wetland Letter of Resource Value Classification
  6. Wetlands Statewide General Permit Projects
  7. Wetlands Individual Permit Projects
  8. Wetlands Nationwide Permit Projects
  9. Wetlands Transitional Area Waiver Permit Projects
  10. Coastal Wetland Permit Projects
  11. Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation Projects
  12. Wetlands Restoration Monitoring Projects
  13. Environmental Impact Statements
  14. Cultural Resource Survey Projects
  15. North American Archaeological Field Research
  16. Registered Archaeological Sites
  17. Geotechnical Projects
  18. Threatened, Endangered, and Rare Species Projects
  19. New Jersey Pinelands Commission Applications
  20. Stream Encroachment Applications
  21. County Soil Conservation Applications
  22. Flood Hazard Investigations
  23. Municipal On-Site Environmental Review
  24. County Health Violations Projects
  25. State Hazardous Waste Violation Projects
  26. Hazardous Waste Discharge Remediation Projects
  27. Due Diligence Investigations
  28. Phase I Environmental Assessment Projects
  29. Phase II Environmental Assessment Projects
  30. Waste Water Permits - NPDES
  31. Mining Permits
  32. Wildlife Studies
  33. Building Feasibility Studies - Environmental Constraints
  34. Archaeological and Wildlife Tours
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